MMJ Payment Processing

Are you looking to accept credit cards or ACH and eChecks for your medical marijuana business or marijuana dispensary? You’re in the right place! eSmart Payments has a highly custom, specialized solution for these types of merchant accounts.

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What Factors Are Considered For MMJ Processing?

Location of Your Business

Product Or Service Sold

Method Through Which Product/Service Is Sold

Type of Industry

Monthly Volume / Number of Transactions


Chargeback and Refund Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can These Factors Affect My Eligibility?

Some businesses are pushed to the High Risk categorization because of the perceived risk on their account. If your company receives this high-risk classification, don't think this is the end of the line, as it can actually be turned into an opportunity for growth. You've already made the right decision by visiting eSmart Payments. Our team concentrates predominantly in understanding your needs, operational structure of your business, and how payment acceptance limits can be overcome to get you the appropriate high risk merchant account. We'll perform an astute analysis of each factor and how prevalent of a role it plays in your business and, based on that, decipher what level of high risk category you fall in to. Whether you need an adult merchant account or a travel merchant account, we have the tools to allow you to get the high risk merchant account that is appropriate.

Can You Give Me An Example?

Let's say there's a merchant who sells nutraceutical products online and ships to their customer's home. Typically, this will be classified as high risk. But, why, you may ask, if they're following all of the proper procedures and laws? This is because neither the consumer nor the retailer meet with each other in person, and thus the probability of a fraudulent transaction increases. Additionally, some customers might not experience advantages of the product after consumption occurs, and consequently may chargeback because they feel as though they've been ripped off. Most payment processors won't have the capacity to provide sustainable payment options for this particular company, as an effect of these two variables alone. But at eSmart, these are exactly the types of scenarios on which our business is built. If you're a legal merchant, we can get you an account!

What Types Of Merchants Does eSmart Approve?
  • Adult Merchant Account
  • Web Hosting Merchant Account
  • VOIP Merchant Account
  • Travel Merchant Account
  • Timeshare Merchant Account
  • Sports Forecasting Merchant Account
  • Gaming Merchant Account
  • Escorts Merchant Account
  • MLM Merchant Account
  • Pharmacy Merchant Account
  • Nutraceutical Merchant Account
  • Herbal Products Merchant Account
  • Auction Merchant Account
  • Replica Merchant Account
  • Payday Loan Merchant Account
  • Dating Merchant Account
  • Weight Loss Merchant Account


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The “right” merchant account is a luxury you can't afford to do without. In fact, it’s one of the most vital decisions an organization can ever make. Your cash flow, security, and future are dependent on their ability to always be there for you. eSmart, since 2010, has been on the forefront of the high-risk processing industry, taking the risk out of processing so you can focus on your business.

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Your information is 100% Safe and Secure with eSmart. We will NEVER share your information.

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And Find Out Why We're The SMART Solution!

Your information is 100% Safe and Secure with eSmart. We will NEVER share your information.